Studio | Cardiff, CF11

Cathedral Road

Studio | Available: 17.10.2024

£890 pcm

(£205 pw)

Deposit: £1,027

Bills Inc: SOME

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DEMO Estate Agent 1 - Private Office

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Modern designer furniture
Minimalist interiors
Fully fitted kitchen with a double dishwasher
Comfort cooling throughout


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Last Modified 06/06/2024


Room ID: 4203
Monthly Rent: £890
Weekly Rent: £205
Deposit: £1,027
Bills Included: SOME
Available From: 17.10.2024
Minimum Term: 6 Months
Maximum Term: 18 Months
Rooms Available: 1
Room Size: Studio
Room Area (Sq.m): 14.00
Room Area (Sq.ft): 151
Furnishings: Furnished
Property Type: Studio
Landlord Type: Estate Agent
Days Available: 7 Days Per Week
Ensuite: No
Parking Available: YES
Pets Allowed: YES
Disabled Access: No
Short Term Only: No
Council Tax Band: E
EPC Rating: C


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